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ATM Exports is manufacturer of Lace, Webbing, Tape, Embroidery, Crochet Lace, Neck Lace, Neck Patch , Computer Embroidery, Crochia, Sequin Embroidery, Cluny Lace, Twill Tape, Hearing Bone Tape, Nottingham Neck Laces / Patches, Laser Cutting Sevices, Dori Embroideries, Niwar in Delhi for garment manufacturer in India and Abroad to fulfill their needs for trim accessories.

Lace manufacturing has played a paramount role as an innovation in Apparel value chain. The lavish lace is a dramatic change not only for high fashion but also for an Indian Export Industry. In the starting stage Indian Apparel sector was colorless and not much fashionable but now it is totally changed now garment lace manufacturer has to run their business as per new fashion trends by applying innovating new stylish ideas and fashionable trends in their product.

Lace has own importance to give fashionable and trendy look to the garment and other products. Laces provides beautiful look to fabrics and add extra beauty to that. Some types of laces are Crochet Laces, Crochia / Cluny Laces, Neck Patch lace, Niwar lace, Embroidered laces, Twill Tapes, Sequin work lace, which is developed from Cotton Yarn, Spun Polyester Yarn & Rayon yarn.

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