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ATM Exports is a leading manufacturer of Laces (Crochet/Crochia), Necklaces (All types), Crochet Fabric (40", 50", 60"), Jacquard Laces/Tapes, Embroideries (Aari/Chenille, Cut Work , 9 color , Sequin, Dori , Soutache Embroideries) & Hot Fix Stone Patterns in Delhi for garment manufacturers in India and abroad to fulfill their needs for trim accessories. Lace manufacturing has played a paramount role for innovations in Apparel Industry. Lace-Making is important not only for high fashion industry but also for Indian export industry. It has added color and fashion to our basic garment industry and has promoted garment manufacturers to accept more challenging products involving different laces & Embroideries. Lace manufacturers have to run their business as per new fashion trends and have to keep investing into new technologies. Lace has its own importance to give trendy look to the garment and other products.

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